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 Maricor Construction Services -- Construction Estimating

Maricor Construction Services provides pricing and information to:

  • Site and utility contractors
  • General contractors
  • Builders
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Developers
  • Banks and Lending Institutions
  • Attorneys
  • Landscape and tree companies
  • Municipal Planning Boards
  • Public Works and Highway Departments
  • Homeowners

Since 1999, Maricor Construction Services has provided site construction estimating and consulting services to all sectors of the construction industry including but not limited to site contractors, general contractors, developers, engineers, architects, banks, and municipalities.

Project Estimating

We provide cost estimates for competitive bids or comprehensive project budget estimates using up to date techniques for estimating earth and material quantities, current industry pricing, and in field work experience. Establishing accurate project costs is one of the most important aspects of a winning bid or a successful project.

Project Scheduling

This is one of the most important aspects of the construction project. We can work with the owner and the contractor to develop a schedule that works for both parties and will keep the project on track. Scheduling will help to eliminate delays due to site construction conflicts, material lead times, and misunderstandings.

Contractor Selection

Choosing the right contractor is essential to the success of any project and one of the keys to that success is to develop a scope of work that qualified contractors can bid accurately. We can assist the owner/developer with this process as well as invitations to bid to qualified contractors, schedule prebid meetings to go over the scope of work and answer questions, bid review and contractor interviews to determine that the proper scope of work has been estimated.

Construction Site Inspections

Site inspections are an important part of the construction process. Maricor Construction Services can provide this service to the owner, whether a private developer or a municipal entity such as a planning board or public works. The site inspection keeps the project on schedule, allows for regular updates to the owner from the field, confirms that the project is being constructed to the agreed upon quality as determined in the contract documents.

Value Engineering

By working with the owner and the engineer through out the design phase of the project, we can use our experience as site and utility contractors to assist in the design of an efficient, cost effective project.

 Maricor Construction Services -- Construction EstimatingSite Evaluation, Preconstruction, and Feasibility Estimates

At a time when the project consists of an existing topographic/boundary plan and an architects rendering, we can work with the owner/design team to determine possible earth cuts to fill scenarios, underground utility construction, site finishes, and estimate a preliminary budget for the cost of this work to provide the owner with a budget price that he can work with from the start of the design phase and updated as more detailed plans become available

Data Prep and 3D Modeling Service

Maricor Construction Services is now working closely with a company that has over 15 years experience preparing 3D models for the construction industry. Working with the latest engineering application, we import design data in any format. We can even work with InRoads Data, creating multiple grading layers from the design data. All deliverables are customized to the client's needs. From small commercial sites to multi lane highways, we can build your data. We support all known formats including:

  • Topcon: TP3, LM3, TN3, PTS, RD3
  • Trimble: PRO, TTD, SUE, SVD
  • Carlson: DXF, DWG, TIN, CRD

Member Massachusetts Arborist AssociationArborist Services

As a Mass Certified Arborist, I can offer a unique perspective on the problems that both the trees/plants and the site contractor will face during the project construction. Working with the landscape architect and landscape contractor/tree company, we can determine the most cost effective way to construct the project and limit the damage to the surrounding plant/tree life. For the landscape contractor/tree company, I can work with your design team to determine the affects of the proposed site grading, the drainage requirements for your proposed planting beds and lawn area, and recommendations on soil conditions as it pertains to drainage and engineering qualities. For the general contractor/site contractor, it is becoming more prevalent on federal and state funded projects, and high end private projects, to have a certified arborist on-site to inspect the work that is being conducted in the vicinity of the trees to be saved and to treat any damage areas that may occur. Maricor Construction Services can provide this service to you.

Commercial and Residential Building Take-off

For the general contractor/builder, we have experienced, qualified people on staff that will prepare your building estimate to the level of detail that you request. Foundation formwork and concrete, framing requirements, interior and exterior building material quantities are but a few of the items that we can provide your company. If requested, our estimators can also price the project using your labor prices providing you with a complete estimate.

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